Gusto = grit

When passion and perseverance collide, new verticals can be achieved. It’s a personal challenge to aim higher every day and to push for excellence. “It’s not how good you ARE, it’s how good you WANT to be” they say.

This is called Gusto. It’s the special ingredient — some call it “grit” — needed to excel career, love, and life and it’s what separates the best from the rest. Gusto Design Co. is committed to high craft and the pursuit of distinction.

Creative Director & Designer

Ryan Cuthriell

Creative director, art director, and graphic designer with gusto for building brands, designing digital experiences, and playing with pixels as well as pencils. Wants to play guitar more often than time allows.

Awards & Press


AIGA: Boom! Awards; Addy Awards: Triangle, Regional, & National; AdFreak; Adweek; Ad Rants; Agency Spy; Business Leader: Raleigh-Durham; How Magazine; How Magazine Top 10 Sites for Designers; HOW Magazine’s Annual Interactive Design Awards; NextWebPick; Pixel Perfect Portfolios; Smashing Magazine; Web Design Library